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Sumerian Timeline


Fifth millennium: Early developments in Sumer

Fourth millennium: Protoliterate period

Third millennium: Rival kings & periods of unification includes Early Dynastic, Sargonic, & Ur III periods

Second millennium's first half: Ascendancy of Amorite dynasties of Isin, then Larsa, then Babylon. This period ends with devastating Hittite raid around 1600 B.C.

  • 5000 Early development of Sumer
  • 4000 High civilization developing
  • 3000 Political & military rivalries
  • 2750 Legendary Gilgamesh rules Uruk, Enmebaragesi & Agga rule Kish
  • 2550 Mesalim rules Kish
  • 2475 Ur-Nanshe rules Lagash, Meskalamdug rules Ur, military conflict between Lagash & Umma continues a long time.
  • 2375 Lugalzagesi of Umma unifies Sumer briefly
  • 2350 Sargon of Agade defeats Umma & takes over Sumer & Akkad & creates significant political & economic empire
  • 2230 Gutian invasion disrupts unity of Sumer & Akkad
  • 2175 Gudea rules Lagash
  • 2110 Ur-Nammu of Ur unifies Sumer & Akkad
  • 2030 Elamites disrupt unity of Sumer & Akkad
  • 2020 Ishbi-Erra the Amorite ruler of Isin seeks to rebuild unity in the land
  • 1795 Rim-Sin of Larsa defeats Isin & takes over Sumer & Akkad
  • 1760 Hammurapi of Babylon defeats Larsa & takes over Sumer & Akkad
  • 1720 Shift of Euphrates River & collapse of life at Nippur & some other cities of Sumer
  • 1595 Hittite raid disrupts unity of Sumer & Akkad











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A- Sumeria ] [ Timeline ]


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